Most ranches are family-owned and operated, many of which have been in the same family for generations.

Some people decide to work the land, whether running livestock or producing goods for market. Others simply embrace the land for their love of nature and being outdoors. Whatever the motivation, there is always plenty to do while tending the land. We had the privilege of interviewing a livestock rancher in Bandera County, Texas, Tom, and what a typical day consists of on the ranch. As his guests always see a well-maintained and orderly ranch, they don’t realize the efforts behind the scenes.

Start of the Day

A typical day for Tom starts out well before the crack of dawn, around 4 a.m. Tom always remembered his father saying “breakfast is the most important meal of the day”, now he knows why. He needs all of the energy he can get before his day spent out in the Texas heat. After breakfast, “it’s already getting late,” in Tom’s mind. He is always on the move and his first
priority…tending to the horses. Horses are well-respected animals on a ranch or farm. They get first dibs in the morning because ranchers use them all day. Feed and water, a little light grooming, and ready for the day ahead.


Tom is in charge of rotating livestock from one pasture to another to avoid overgrazing. Horses are his number one tool. He spends a large fraction of his morning observing the pastures and making the decision of where to steer the herds.


It’s 2 p.m. and time for a wellness check. If Tom’s herd isn’t healthy, he’s not doing his job as a rancher. All the animals on the ranch are given a thorough examination each and every afternoon. Livestock health is essential to the overall health of the ranch.

Early Evening

Tom spends his evening hand clearing unwanted undergrowth, repairing any damages to structures and mending fences. It is important that no livestock escape. Next, cleaning the barn by removing manure, wet bedding and old feed.

The End of a Hard Day’s Work

Tom spends his evening doing a last comb through over the ranch. He keeps an eye out for any night prowlers that might threaten his herd. His day never truly ends, but for now… he guides his workhorse towards the stable. The horse, unsuited and exhausted himself, nudges Tom as he gestures his horse with a little petting and talking to, and with a final pat on the back, tells him “Good job boy, we’ll see you in the morning,” leaving his trusty steed to rest as he heads home for dinner.

The Bond of a Rancher and his Land

Through his long days, there is never a dull moment on the ranch. Nothing keeps Tom more satisfied than knowing his herd is taken care of and his land is in upkeep. Tom’s passion compliments his pride in being the best rancher he can be.

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