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We’ll highlight your ranch’s full potential through exceptional marketing to create strong buyer demand.

Your ranch deserves the best and no-one sells Texas like Bownds Ranches.

We place a high value on our client relationships, and have a long track record in property sales, based on a reputation of honesty, integrity and professionalism.
Bownds Ranches understands everything from 1031 tax exchanges, water rights, mineral rights, land surveys, easements, environmental issues, right-of-first refusals and more. You won’t get a better or more personalized experience than partnering with Bownds Ranches. We will guide you every step of the way, offer recommendations and resources to make your sale a success.

We are well connected with the target audience of your property.

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We utilize the leading tools and services to make your sale a success

We have a major presence in Texas Ranch publications and sites including LAND Magazine, The Land Report, Farm & Ranch Magazine,,,, Land and Farm, LandWatch, The Real Estate Review, and

Using state-of-the-art interactive mapping software, we will build a professional-grade map of your land, marking out boundary lines, water features, improvements, roads, trails, contour lines and more. Maps are uploaded and featured in your land’s marketing collateral.

As a signature member of, the largest rural listing service in the nation, your property will receive top placement in listing search results.

All properties listed with Bownds Ranches™ are professionally photographed using the latest in high performance Alpha Mirrorless Digital Camera technology. Video and Drone capabilities allow use to capture property scenes in full clarity, 4K-HD.

We personally design, upload and print customized brochures for each of our listed properties. Our brochures provide and highlight key property features, including acreage size, location, water features, wildlife, vegetation and topography.

We have a firm grasp on digital marketing best practices, allowing us to spotlight your ranch to in-market buyers on social media and Google with ease.

I will personally show your property to buyers in open or closed air UTVs, allowing buyers to get an up close and personal look at your land, irregardless of the weather. A digital map displayed inside will provide a real-time view of where buyers are on the property at any one given moment.