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Tips on how to pick the best ranch broker

01 Jan 2021
by Bownds Ranches

Tips On How To Pick the Best Ranch Broker

Selling a ranch by yourself can seem like an impossible feat. It will take up hours upon hours of your time and with navigating all of the ins and outs of the deal and all of the legalities, this can leave you questioning whether or not you’ve made any wrong decisions along the way. Working with a professional broker, like Brandon Bownds, will eradicate any burden and alleviate any worry that you might have during the sales process.

Below are a few tips on how to pick the best ranch broker for your listing:

Experience & Lifestyle

Any ranch broker can try to sell your property, but do they understand the lifestyle? While this isn’t a must, it is definitely a plus. Working with someone who has spent time on a ranch and understands the lifestyle will have a better understanding of what details your land that will attract potential buyers. 

Large ranches are large investments that require certain trust when getting ready to sell. It is always in your best interest to find a broker with a substantial amount of experience. For ranch sales, every ranch is unique and a broker who understands this will have a good handle on things. More experience means there will be fewer surprises that arise throughout the process, and any issues that do come up, your broker should be able to navigate and tackle with confidence.

Find out more about Brandon Bownds here.

Services & Marketing

Compare the services that different ranch brokers will provide when selling a ranch. Ask yourself a few questions along the way… With technology being a huge factor in our world today, how heavy is their online marketing presence? What kind of mapping technology do they use? Do they have all the right tools and know-how to navigate and sell my ranch? Good questions.

It is important that your broker is prepared to handle the terrain of your ranch. You certainly can’t show a ranch in a car and in some cases not even with a two-wheel-drive truck. A good broker will come prepared with 4-wheel drive trucks, SUVs, and All-Terrain UTVs.

A good broker will render advice in the truth about all key points in selling your ranch, whether positive or negative. They will formulate a comprehensive and dedicated marketing plan and assist with all of the ins and outs of the process and see you to a smooth closing. A good broker should represent you the way they would want to be represented.

Don’t get stuck with any one-trick pony or any one person trying to make a quick buck! There’s a buyer out there for every ranch, but how you get it out there is how you find them.

Quiz Them

Learning about someone takes the right questions. There’s no better way to get a feel for who your broker is professionally and personally just by quizzing them. Come up with a list of questions pertaining to your ranch to help you decide which broker is best to represent you and your ranch. Knowing who your broker is outside of their work-life assists you in understanding whether they align with your goals. Depending on how they answer your questions, you will know if they will be a good fit for you.

Brandon believes that ‘what you put into your business is what you get out of it’.

He’s exactly right. Selling land is his passion and whole life’s work. He takes pride in representing his clients with the utmost dedication and your ranch deserves attention! Seven days a week, twelve plus hour days, when you’re looking to sell your ranch in Texas, there is no better fit than Bownds Ranches. Brandon has worked in the Hill Country, Central, South, and West Texas ranching industry for nearly 43 years! He is a true subject matter expert with old-fashioned Texas values to match. Give him a call anytime, quiz him, he’s ready to sell your ranch. (830) 966-6111


A day in the life of a rancher is non-stop, there's always plenty to do while tending the land. But there's no lifestyle more fulfilling. If the idea of owning a property that can be passed down from generation to generation appeals to you, Brandon Bownds is only a phone call away. As a 5th generation Texas rancher and a 3rd generation ranch broker, he knows what it takes. Brandon's passion is his pride, and it would be his honor and privilege to help you find, upgrade or sell your family ranch.