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What to consider when buying a Texas ranch

15 Mar 2020
by Bownds Ranches

Are you ready to buy the perfect Texas Ranch, but don’t know where to start? There is a wide range of aspects to consider before settling on the perfect property to purchase. We share some helpful things you should consider when beginning the search to purchase a ranch.

What Area You Want To Be In

One of the most significant decisions a buyer has to make when it comes to purchasing a ranch is deciding the county their land to be located. The location will also be one of the first questions your broker will ask you as a buyer. The cost of land varies from county to county for several reasons; for example, the higher quality land and proximity to the city will drive up the cost. When it comes to buying a ranch in Texas, setting a budget and picking the area you want to be in go hand in hand.

Ask About The Potential for Flooding

The reality is that many ranch buyers are unaware of the potential flooding conditions in their properties. We definitely recommend having an expert examine the land and its conditions in order to prevent any unnecessary accidents from happening in the future. Bownds Ranches has the technology to show you on-site the floodplains in your area. If your property is at risk, Brandon will get you in touch with an engineer to assess the risk of flooding.

Quality of land and roads

Another key consideration before purchasing a Texas ranch is to become aware of the quality of land, trees, and even roads utilized to get there. Making sure that roads are frequently maintained is the best way to start. You want to settle on a ranch that will provide for your needs and expectations, making sure everything around the property is working and in the best shape is a must.

Animals, animals, animals

Animals play a big role in the life of your ranch. First, you want to make sure that the property can comfortably hold the amount of livestock you are planning to keep on the property. Then, you want to check with current hunting laws when it comes to overpopulation on your property. For example, in Texas, hog hunting is permitted year-round because of their abundance. Make sure you are aware of the hunting laws in your area before you start hunting.

Contact A Ranch Real Estate Expert Now!

Now that you’re ready to start looking for a ranch, we recommend partnering with a Texas ranch real estate expert who understands the market and has the knowledge to get you ready to purchase the right ranch for you!

Brandon Bownds is here to help you find the perfect fit for your property needs. With his old-fashioned Texas values, boundless expertise of Texas ranches and relentless dedication, you can be certain that you are in expert hands in every step of the process.

Call Brandon at (830) 966-6111 to start your ranch life journey today.


A day in the life of a rancher is non-stop, there's always plenty to do while tending the land. But there's no lifestyle more fulfilling. If the idea of owning a property that can be passed down from generation to generation appeals to you, Brandon Bownds is only a phone call away. As a 5th generation Texas rancher and a 3rd generation ranch broker, he knows what it takes. Brandon's passion is his pride, and it would be his honor and privilege to help you find, upgrade or sell your family ranch.