Secure land deed and ownership

A deed is a legal document that states the ownership of that particular land. If there is a family member who has rights to the land you are wanting to sell, then now would be the time to make those necessary arrangements. Only the legal owner of the land has the right to sell it. Once you secure the land deed then it’s time to begin the process of selling your ranch.

Improve overall look

Let’s face it, your property needs to be in prime shape if you’re going to get the profit you’re seeking. So let’s go through different elements of getting your property ready for sale and looking its best!


If you have structures of any type on your property (for example, a home, barn or hanger), then take a good look at the paint. If there are any scuffs or chipped paint visible then it will lessen the value of your property.


Is there unwanted rust on your gate? What about the sign over the gate with your ranches’ name? Take a second look at your property’s entrance. When you stand at the front entrance you might be surprised at all of the things you see that need to be fixed. Remember to think about what your prospective buyer’s first impression will be.


If you add a gate to your property’s entrance, it can add major value. Remember that the gate is one of the first things people see when entering your property.

Housing on property

If your land includes housing, then you can be sure prospective buyers will check out every inch of the property. We recommend a thorough inspection for bugs, cleanliness, and orderliness. Don’t be afraid to hire help cleaning, if you need it. A clean house will leave a lasting impression.

It’s time for some hard clearing

How does the land genuinely look? Remember to use an outsider’s perspective, are there overgrown weeds and lots of brush that your eyes have become accustomed to? You need to show that your land is well-kept.


Your equipment needs to be looked over for repairs. Buyers will be checking everything on the property and equipment is no exception.


Buyers will check out the livestock to see how you’ve cared for the animals. They’ll use this as a basis for how well you maintained the ranch. A good tip is to make sure there is plenty of food around the ranch for your animals when you have visitors.

If you have water…

… then showcase it front and center. Make sure it is easily accessible for all animals and for prospective buyers to check out. Water is so important for livestock and will improve the chances of you selling your ranch faster.

While these are all “do it yourself” ways to improve your land and get more money out of it, they don’t compare to having the guidance of a professional. With more than 24 years of experience, Brandon Bownds is here to help you sell your land and get the most out of it possible.

You’ve put in such hard work at this point, and it was all worth it for the bottom line of increasing the worth of your land. Now it’s time to get an expert involved! Bownds Ranches would be more than happy to help you sell your ranch. Give us a call at Bownds Ranches and we will be your number one resource for selling your ranch!