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The 5 Most Popular Ranch House Styles

02 Jun 2022
by Bownds Ranches

Ranch house styles have their own distinct features. The structure all depends on the land it’s built on and what purpose the home will serve. These are some common characteristics you might see in a typical ranch home:

  • Open floor plan
  • Usually one story
  • Patio or deck
  • Large windows and glass doors
  • Low-pitched roofline with wide eaves
  • Usually includes a basement
  • Usually has an attached garage

There are different factors to consider before you decide on a style for your ranch house, such as landscape, landmarks, budget, and functionality. This means that you may have to leave behind some wants in order to accommodate the needs.

Here are some different ranch house styles, with details on the specific features you’ll find in each style. Each ranch home has its own perks and fits better on different layouts of land, so this breakdown will help you figure out which style works best for your ranch.

California Ranch

California Ranch homes are built on a single-level floor plan. The layout is usually designed in the shape of an “L” or “U” to incorporate an open concept. This style of home will have an attached garage and a patio in the back.

Suburban Ranch

Suburban Ranch homes are a smaller version of the California Ranch: one story with an open concept. Because of the smaller space, this style may not always have an attached garage.

Split Level Ranch

Split-level Ranch homes incorporate multiple floors in the design with designated functions. The main floor is typically used as the living space while the second floor is used for bedrooms. Additionally, a basement can be found on a lower level. The Split-level Ranch style will have an integrated garage and patio space.

Raised Ranch

Raised Ranch homes also use a split-level floor plan, but there are two different concepts. One uses a two-story floor plan. These homes look like a single-story from the front, but the lower level appears to be hidden since the back is built into a hill. In this concept, the living area is on the upper level and a basement on the lower level. In the second concept, a one-story home is lifted off its foundation in order to build a second story underneath the original home.

Story Book Ranch

Storybook Ranch homes use a single-level floor plan, but incorporate many features into a small layout. Designing one of these homes can be challenging and costly since the designer has to be strategic in their design. They have to think of a way to successfully add the desired features into the home, without having it feel too claustrophobic.

Find Your Perfect Ranch House Style

Now that you know a little bit more about some of the different ranch home styles, you can check out our blog titled 4 Things to Consider When Building your Ranch House to help you refine which house style will fit your lifestyle best and the features you’d like included. Then once you’ve narrowed it down, the next step is to find the piece of land that your home will stand on for generations to come.

That’s where Brandon Bownds can help. He considers your wants and needs while finding the right ranch for you. This way, no detail is overlooked and every feature is successfully incorporated into your design without any interruptions or restrictions from the land.